I’m not the only one who heard that, am I?

theolpha answered your question:i have a cold and i got bored and frustrated so i…
Cutiiiiiie! Is this your “i’m sick” face ? Because well, how do you look when you’re not sick ?

omg olpha i love you okay :’)
thank you ily!!!!!!!!!!!

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beautiful. drink some fluids. take a hot shower. take medicine. eat rice porridge. hope you feel better

omfg thank you so much, and i will, ive drank like 10 glasses of green tea with a million things such as lemon and honey mixed in it, im only getting worse :( thank you again :)

i have a cold and i got bored and frustrated so i took some selfies????

i have a cold and i got bored and frustrated so i took some selfies????


S t i l e s  +  L y d i a  // 4x01

#to be honest #i’m still not over the first 60 seconds of the season 4 premiere #and this moment between stiles and lydia #because this is stiles and lydia bickering on their honeymoon #lost somewhere in mexico #and even though they have no idea where they’re going #stiles smiles to himself #thinking #my 15 year plan worked #i got the girl

@meagantandy I heart u all… Even the Braeden haters. Braeden’s been SAVING ur fave characters for crying out loud. Lol. She’s on YOUR team ;-) XOXO

There are worse things than killing someone.



"The really dangerous people believe they are doing whatever they are doing solely and only because it is without question the right thing to do." - Neil Gaiman

Denying a rape survivor’s bodily autonomy.

Derek being forced

Replacing someone’s medication with a toxic substance.

Gerard being poisoned

Traumatizing an abuse survivor.

Isaac being hurt

Putting someone who was trapped in his mind for 6 years back there.

Peter being trapped

The scariest person in Beacon Hills is not in Eichen House.

Scott being Alpha

so, we’re not going to talk about how derek intentionally preyed on three vulnerable underage kids then, one scene in particular raising so many red flags that it’s still incredibly uncomfortable to watch


or that, you know, gerard was going to murder all of them with his murder lizard, no matter what they did. like, he straight up stabbed a teenager only on the assumption he was a werewolf. gerard was not fucking around at all. but nah, let’s not do anything about the murdering senior citizen.


of course we’re not going to talk about how derek had thrown a glass at isaac. sure, he did it to ~protect him, but it was done with the intent to hurt and trigger him. but right, my bad, we’re not going to talk about that!!


nevermind, of course, that more than likely peter was placed in eichen house by braeden and derek, since they left la iglesia together with a prison transport van in tow that braeden had acquired, and would most likely be the safest bet to taking peter back to beacon hills without a fuss


i mean, sure, scott probably is the scariest person in beacon hills but not for the reasons you’re listing here. maybe a bit more about the fact that he and his pack are quickly becoming famous and respected in the supernatural community for their ability to survive and persevere, and against all odds have managed to break out of the cycle of violence and murder that their world has been caught up in.



"i hate scott beca—"


"[Talia Hale] had a capacity to shape-shift that was rare among her kind. That made her something of a leader, the kind of person that they would go to for advice and guidance…"


Ah, this was fun to create even though it’s a pretty silly thing XD (and took a while to make…well human derek did lol)
Made the sprites from scratch (also referencing pkmn gsc trainer/pkmn sprites to make them a little less wonky XD;)
I conveniently had the dialogue boxes because I had screenshots of when Derek my Dragonair was evolving in pkmn crystal, so… yay

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Scott and Stiles + in sync

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